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Blogging and I go way back.

I started writing on an early blogging service called Mindsay nearly twenty years ago from my high school bedroom. Reading and writing have always been among my favorite hobbies, and having a place to share my thoughts with the world was an exciting idea for a teenager. The notion that anyone could have a platform and build community online was what made the internet feel democratic and accessible in those dial-up days. Of course, the years that followed have exposed both the positives and negatives of that democratization in stark contrast, but I still feel that spark of excitement two decades later. Maybe I'm just an optimist.

I wrote on and off for many years on several blogs, all of which are now defunct. I wrote about music, theology, minimalism, upcoming projects and performances, and any number of other topics. I switched platforms, bought domain names, and posted to social media. Sometimes I would get into a good rhythm with it, and other times months would pass without posting. But I always came back to it until I started seminary in 2016. Grad school has a way of stifling outside reading and writing, especially when added to full-time work and other responsibilities. I've been a prolific writer out of necessity these last four years, but the idea of finding time to write anything other than coursework felt like a distant dream.

My wife and I have taken to watching a few YouTube vloggers during our pandemic-induced downtime this year. As I began a two-week break from work and watched those content creators sign off for the year, I found myself frustrated. What would I watch during the break? That felt like a lazy answer. Instead of focusing on consumption, why not contribute? If there is one thing that 2020 has brought, it is margin for creation!

So here I am, back to blogging. Bear provides a wonderfully spartan platform for this venture, and I'm trying not to put too many restrictions on myself in regards to content or schedule. I'm sure I will write about music, faith, and simple living. I expect that tea, technology, and any number of other topics will weave their way in, as well. I'll write when I feel I have something to say, and I promise to try to be mindful about what I'm adding to the ever-growing glut of online content. If that sounds like something that might interest you, I'd love to have you along for the journey! After all, the internet has always been more fun with community and thoughtful feedback. But I'll admit that I'm mostly doing this for myself. I have missed writing, and I'm grateful that there is still a place for it twenty years on from that first blog.

More soon.


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