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Sending off 2022

I want to take a brief moment this New Year's Eve to thank everyone who has taken the time to read and engage with my words during the past year.

I'll admit that I had only a passing knowledge of Hacker News before this afternoon when I noticed some unusual traffic on yesterday's entry. Many thanks to tsk for sharing the post and to the HN community for making this the biggest day my humble blog has ever seen. At the end of a week (and year) that has been full of high highs and low lows, today has been fun.

2022 was a little quiet around here, but I have some specific goals I'll be pursuing in 2023 around writing and there is much more to come as the site heads into its third year. Whether today is your first visit or you've been here since the beginning, I'm grateful for you. Please feel free to hang around, and best wishes for an excellent start to 2023, wherever the new year takes you!


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